Beat The Heat – Service the Air Conditioning Before It’s Too Late

The high 80’s and brief flirt with 90’s at the beginning of this week was Mother Nature’s kind way of reminding you more heat is in store. Much like servicing your pool, the first week of 80+ degree weather is generally when the bulk of our clients switch on their air conditioning for the first time this year and realize that they have a problem.

Before the summer season of air conditioning service starts, now is a good time to inspect the system for any of the following common problems:

  • The unit doesn’t turn on
    We recommend starting with the most basic of troubleshooting. If your air conditioning doesn’t come on when it should, there are a couple of things you can check. First, is the thermostat set properly and calling for the air-conditioned to turn on? Some thermostats, particularly in common areas, have the switch to change from heating to cooling systems hidden out of sight. Are you sure the unit has power? Many properties choose to switch the power off to the air conditioning unit at the breaker panel during fall. This can cause great confusion when it comes time to fire the system back up, so it’s best to start with the simple stuff first.
  • The air blows warmer than desired
    So you have the air conditioner running, but the air isn’t cold enough for your liking? This can be a symptom of many different problems, but commonly it is due to the ductwork and filters in your property needing to be cleaned and/or replaced. Alternatively, the system might need to have the refrigerant recharged. Either way, what seemed cold during the beginning of summer may turn out to be little more than a wheeze when the mercury soars. Make sure to clean your ductworks and filters and charge the system so that the unit is blowing plenty cold before it is needed.
  • The air conditioner runs constantly but never blows cold air
    If your air conditioner is running constantly, this usually signifies a problem with the outside conditioning unit. Generally, this problem is caused when the unit cannot vent its air from the air conditioning coils. If your unit is located near a lawn or tree, lawn clippings and leaves can build up in around the coils. This, in turn, means that the air conditioner will begin operation but the cooling system will get so cold that the coils outside will freeze before they can deliver any relief to your property and the tenants. If left unchecked, this will cause costly repairs down the line as it causes components to work hard and never shut off.
  • The air conditioning unit is leaking water
    You may not think to check the drain pipe of your air conditioning unit, but we strongly suggest you get in the habit of doing so. When the air conditioning runs, it creates condensation that needs to be drained to an appropriate location. Unfortunately, these drain tubes seem like a great place for spiders and other insects to build home. Frequently, these drain tubes will get clogged with debris over the fall and winter. The first time the unit is run for several hours during a day, the condensation will have nowhere to go. This is especially dangerous for roof-mounted units as the water can slowly drip down into the roofing and cause mold, rotting, and other expensive problems down the road.

With these basic things to look for, you should be able to at least identify basic issues with your air conditioning units. We want to stress that air conditioners are complex machines that require professional experience to service properly. In the event you need further convincing, consider this: the refrigerant commonly used in air conditioning systems is known to be potentially explosive if not handled by a trained professional.

Why risk servicing the units yourself or have another summer with lackluster cooling? Our trained service technicians can quickly locate the source of your problems and get your systems running at their best before the temperatures soar. Call us today for a free quote and beat the rush:303-680-7727.

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