Defining Quality

Listen long enough to any service or product provider, and inevitably the word “quality” will surface. As we are all consumers as well as providers, we often hear the term but all too seldom see it defined.

When your service provider promises a quality finished project or a higher level of quality, the assumption is made that a shared understanding between the provider and the customer already exists.

Too often, disagreements over the definition of quality become the catalyst for spoiled relationships, damaged reputations, and potential litigation.

At SPCS, we have invested too many years building a reputation to leave something as important as your understanding and expectations to chance. So when we promise our customers a quality project, what do we mean at SPCS?

First, when we speak of quality, we are communicating to our customer we have the knowledge and experience in the construction industry necessary to provide a product they can be proud of. For those projects where we believe we are not qualified to provide a project our customers will be pleased with, we would rather remove ourselves from the opportunity and focus on those areas where our skills are better represented. Rather than be “all things to all people,” at SPCS we prefer to provide those services where our customers are most likely to see the value added in hiring a quality service provider.

Second, when we speak of quality we are communicating to our customer that they can expect our best efforts. Too often in the construction industry, the level of customer service decreases as the project continues. This is not the way we do business at SPCS.

Our team understands the moral responsibility we have to provide our customers with our best efforts from start to finish. The shortage in our industry is not in service providers, but service providers that are willing to stand behind their work. SPCS stands behind our work.

Finally, when we speak of quality, SPCS is working to provide our customer with the best quality experience in their construction services needs. We understand the importance of communicating with our customer with updates and feedback on progress as the project progresses. From badges for our employees, identifying logos on our vehicles, shirts, coats and hardhats, SPCS works to provide our customer with the understanding that we realize we are working in your neighborhood rather than you living on a construction site.

Our customers provide feedback on our website through a survey and we share these surveys in our monthly safety meetings with all our team members. We understand the value added to any construction project by treating our customer with respect and providing information in a timely and professional manner.

We appreciate the confidence our customers have placed in us to allow us to continue to operate and flourish for over twenty years. While any list on quality can be exhaustive, we want to provide our understanding of quality, in hopes of a shared understanding with both current and future customers.

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