Increasing Curb Appeal with Paint and Siding Repairs

We hope your house hasn’t blown away with the week of tumultuous weather! Some areas were receiving upwards of 3 inches of rain per hour, which means that in the next few weeks the lawns, trees, and shrubs will probably be greener than they will be for the rest of the summer. The above photo was taken in front of our building. It’s hard to believe it was taken in the middle of May and not near Christmas!

It’s always nice when nature provides enough moisture to beautify your landscaping, but as you look at your luscious green lawns and landscaping over the next couple of weeks, you may also notice that the siding or paint on your buildings is looking a little sad. The high winds and hail certainly don’t help with paint chips, fading, and broken siding pieces!

Don’t fret – our carpentry division can help repair any damage that you’ve been putting off before the storms or since. Has your siding had a hole that you’ve been meaning to have fixed for some time? Don’t let your property succumb to animal invasions or weather damage – fixing these holes and broken pieces is so easy to do and it really makes a difference in the way your tenants (residential OR commercial) view your property. Plus, you can save money in the long run by not allowing the problem to snowball and grow in scope (and cost!)

Maybe your property made it through unscathed and you’ve kept current on all the patchwork for sidings, soffits, and exterior walls? Unfortunately, none of us can escape the 300+ days of intense sunshine each year. Being a mile closer to the sun than most of the country means that not only do we get a lot of sun expose, that exposure is very intense! In this climate, paint will lose luster quickly and before long vibrant colors are muted and need to be repainted. SPCS comes to the rescue, here too! We can help you repaint those faded exteriors and make them look good as new.

Luckily for property managers, repairing siding and adding a fresh coat of paint is one of the best ways to improve the way people view your property – and it comes at a very affordable price! This time of year is also a great opportunity for exterior work to be done as the current temperatures are great for the curing of paint to ensure maximum durability.

So what are you waiting for? Call us today for a free, no-obligation quote and let’s work together to make the curb appeal of your property match the beautiful landscape! 303-680-7727.


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