No More Snow? Time to Fix the Cracks and Potholes

Let’s face it: Colorado weather is great for at least one thing – diversity. We can have warm, sunny weather one day, and snow the next. It always keeps you guessing.

One thing that weather uncertainty isn’t good for, though, is keeping your asphalt and cement in pristine, crack-free condition. The snow we receive often melts during the day and makes its way down into tiny cracks in the concrete and asphalt, where it sits until nightfall, when the temperature freezes the water again and causes it to increase in size by 9%. Sounds like a small change, right?

Well, what started as a small crack in your properties’ sidewalks, driveways, or patio turns into a bigger crack each time the snow melt/thaw cycle is repeated. So that hairline crack quickly becomes something much more sinister – maybe it causes heaving, maybe it falls away…maybe it becomes a tripping hazard (and liability to you!) The same principle is responsible for the potholes that appear in your parking lots and roadways.

Now that the possibility of snow covering the ground is finally ending, it’s a good time to take a look around at the condition of your concrete and asphalt. Your sidewalks and driveways might have new cracks, or larger cracks than they had last year. Your asphalt parking lot might have chunks missing, causing your tenants or customers grief. Unfortunately, all of it leads back to you – if they aren’t fixed, you could be responsible for damage to a vehicle, or even be hit with a personal injury lawsuit.

So what to do? You can try the DIY route to patch the cracks and holes, and it may work for another year. The best approach, though, is to get a professional to assess the damage and fix it properly. The SPCS team can tackle any size concrete or asphalt job – whether your building simply has a cracked patio stair or your parking lot is trying to swallow compact cars.

We will either complete the job ourselves or oversee the work on your behalf. Our trusted reputation is built on 20+ years of experience in satisfaction for our customers and we can put that to work for you.

So what are you waiting for? Call SPCS and get those unsightly and dangerous surfaces fixed today!

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