What Kind of Construction Can You Do During Winter?

Here at SPCS, we are frequently asked if our technicians prefer to work outdoors in the warmer months. You might be surprised that the answer is not always yes, and for a couple of very good reasons.

Working on projects during the winter offers us a different experience than when the weather is warm. Primarily, the benefit to working in the winter is the reduced exposure to the elements. Seems counter intuitive, right? Let us explain.

If we are working outside in the winter, we can dress accordingly, bring along some warm beverages, and be just fine. If need be, we grab another jacket, hat, or pair of wool socks before heading out into the field. In the summer, though, we can be outside in the scorching hot sun with no reprieve. There are only so many layers of clothing we can remove before our safety is compromised or the neighbors their raise eyebrows.

In conjunction with working outside, working inside during the winter offers benefits, too. Often our repairs are done in tight spaces with poor ventilation – think attics, crawlspaces, etc. In the summer, these spots can become exceptionally hot and uncomfortable. In the winter, they have much more comfortable temperatures and comfort makes doing the job that much easier.

Another advantage is less people to interfere with us. Winter can be a good time for us to fix up pool decks and structures. Since the pool is closed during the winter, we don’t have to worry about shutting down the pool area to make repairs. And you won’t have to deal with angry tenants who value the short outdoor swim season we have in Colorado.

This brings us to maybe everyone’s least favorite subject – bugs and animals. In the summer, we are liable to find anything from bird nests to spider webs that have made their home where we need to work. Luckily for us, during the winter time many bugs die and most of the warm-blooded animals migrate or hibernate. Our technicians don’t have to deal with as many creepy crawlies during the winter and we love that.

And finally, working in the winter affords us to opportunity to work on projects when they aren’t in use. If we have a deck to repair, it can be difficult to schedule around different BBQ’s, graduation parties, and Labor Day weekend festivities. Even with the sometimes unpredictable winter weather, we still have a great deal more time to work on projects without interrupting our clients.

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